Gia Salazar is an actress, producer, and the CEO and Founder of Invent Media Group.

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Gia SalazarOriginally from Mississauga, Canada, Gia moved to this country when she was 16. She is from mixed nationalities … father's side is Japanese and Peruvian, and mother's side is Spanish and Sicilian.

What I would have lost would have been what I would have never gained. - Gia Salazar


At the very tender age of six her Parents moved to Ontario Canada. Gia moved around a lot while growing up, living in Toronto, North Carolina, South Carolina and California before settling back in Boca Raton Florida.


Gia became involved in the arts in her early teens and had her first school play by the age of 12. Netting her first big modeling gig at 23, she appeared on a billboard for a famous California born gym "The Cage" a MMA Studio located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. She also found work as a model and did some calendars, commercials. Around the age of early twenties Landed recurring role on several television shows, burn notice and Americas most wanted. In 2010 she became the co-star of Miami Nights which appeared on ABC channel 10 South Florida and from there her career sky rocketed.

Gia Salazar


Born on February 6th Gia is as pure as the month of February.



Breakthrough Role
After a string of guest appearances, Gia was given the leading role in Dark Passenger. The video/short film was created by director Ricardo Pro Rodriguez and premiered in the fall 2011. She played the role of the therapist treating a mentally disturbed apocalyptic serial murder and was also the voice of therapist in the skits of the album.

Gia's focus as CEO and Founder of Invent Media Group is to produce innovative projects such as independent films, television programs, documentaries, special events and music. Her aim is to deliver strategic and tangible results, starting with a quick consultation to a full-scale production of client's ideas. She approaches every project in a broad and creative way.

The long-term goals of her clients are important to her; to we build each assignment with the client's overall objectives in mind. Invent Media Group provides:

Gia SalazarProduction personnel (directors, cinematographers, line producers, photographers, gaffers, grips, production assistants, coordinators, catering staff, security, drivers, composers, and others) equipment rentals (with controller), casting, locations, travel and accommodations, research, writing, editing, graphics (animation), web design, hair and make-up, as well as wardrobe.


Invent Media Group services also include pre-production, production, post-production, 3D fim/video, special effects, castings, website design, SEO/Internet marketing, producing documentaries, independent films, reality shows, music videos, web episodes, commercials, photo shoots, live performances, special events, and numerous other special projects.


Through her company's film division, Gia is producing and working on several commercial and independent projects based on classic and contemporary literature that have garnered and piqued the interest of the film industry magnates.


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